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New England & North West Regional Cancer Centre, Tamworth, NSW

The development of a regional cancer centre in Tamworth was much needed for the NSW residents of the New England and North West region of NSW. The facility was designed as a standalone facility with an eye to the future to allow for the major redevelopment of the site. The facility was designed as a two storey facility with radiation oncology on the lower level and day infusions and the clinic area on the second level.

The radiation oncology unit has been designed for a two bunker, one linear accelerator facility with 5 consultation/interview rooms. The clinics have 14 consult/ interview rooms to provide a multidisciplinary service, while the Day Infusions area has 12 chairs and two isolation rooms.

The new development, which is immediately adjacent the Emergency Unit, was designed to provide the required linkages to the existing inpatient units. This project has recently completed construction.

3,800 m²

Completed 2012

NSW Health