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Mudgee Hospital Redevelopment, Mudgee, NSW

Mudgee Hospital Redevelopment will see the Masterplan and design of a new hospital complex to replace the existing facility buildings that have come to the end of their economic life. Currently under construction, the new hospital is spread over the 40,000sqm site. Future-Proofing was an important consideration for the LHD and for the public, future-proof expansion zones have been included and will be utilised, subject to future demand.

The architectural heritage of Mudgee provides a rich reference point for the development which has closely considered the local architectural vernacular of Mudgee’s public and residential building forms. The objective was to design a new development that can contribute to the existing context and character of Mudgee that will resonate and fit within the community, creating a strong sense of local ownership.

A local Mudgee Architectural study has informed the architectural design palette which includes elements such as: Generous building setbacks; Landscaped forecourts; Expansive verandas; Familiar façade rhythms and proportions of colonnades; Pitched roofs including various gable and hipped forms; and Use of brickwork including various patterns and expressed concrete, beams; and verandas that have a rendered or paint finish.

The Mudgee Hospital site is nestled within a residential area, the development is low-rise in nature and set at two stories with an upper plant deck set-back to minimise its impact to the streetscape. As one moves along Meares Street, the main entry to the Hospital reveals itself with the rising roof element, echoing the rise in natural topography. The Hospital entry features an expressed awning over a transparent glazed façade which encloses the main entry and the associated public concourse.

The transparency of the entry allows for light to fill through the public concourse. The proposed expressed building elements and materials echo the local vernacular and include: Face Brick (lighter colour); Layered Elements: Gutters, Downpipes, Slab edges, Window openings; Diffused light glazing for the main entry; and Expressed material for main entry canopy.

40,000 m²

Under Construction

NSW Health Infrastructure