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Monash Children's Hospital, VIC

The new 230 bed Monash Children’s Hospital is one of the largest children’s hospitals in Australia and one of only two tertiary paediatric hospitals in Victoria. Co-located next to Monash Medical Centre in Clayton it is a purpose-built paediatric facility where clinical services will be delivered in a child and family-friendly environment. The masterplan of the full site and the location of the hospital was predetermined by a masterplan by STH in 2011.

The design philosophy is to provide a nurturing environment whilst ensuring the positive clinical outcomes of patients. A ‘journey through the wilderness’ is the underlying interior design theme.  A series of animal sculptures “in the jungle” assist with wayfinding and orientation through the hospital, from the initial public entry atrium and throughout the building into the private domain of the bedrooms and treatment areas. The benefit of the sculptures is to provide additional amenity of play equipment to provide a calming environment through positive distraction and interaction with the environment.

A central atrium is a key feature creating a significant and welcoming entry statement, and acting as a wayfinding generator that a building of this magnitude requires. It provides a clear focal point visible from all levels of the new Hospital from which the remainder of the building literally radiates out, visible in the plan of the triangular wings.

Externally, the building has a simple white concrete palette with circular patterned relief, and punched windows. Coloured frames and ribbons provide sunshading and visual cues to patient accommodation, framing windows internally and externally with coloured window boxes.  

The facility model provides the full spectrum of paediatric care, including 96 Paediatric Beds, 12 cancer day beds, 20 same day beds, 10 paediatric intensive care beds, 30 neonatal intensive care cots, 28 mental health beds  and Outpatients, Medical Imaging, Theatres and Education.  

PROJECT SIZE: 30,000 m²

STATUS: Completed 2016

CLIENT: Monash Health and VHHSBA (Victorian Health and Human Services Building Authority)