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Epworth Hospital Redevelopment, Richmond, VIC

This project involves the staged major redevelopment of Epworth Hospital Richmond, which will result in a world class healthcare precinct in the heart of Melbourne and significantly improve healthcare in Victoria. The redevelopment is located on the existing Epworth Richmond site bounded by Bridge Road, Normanby and Erin Streets and Leigh Place and involves both new buildings and major refurbishment of 96,000 sqm of Gross Building Area at an estimated construction cost of $700M.

The new hospital will include a total of 777 beds with increases in emergency, surgical, intensive care, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, renal dialysis, rehabilitation and all support services. Plans provide for an exciting final vision of the new facility that will include 430 new private rooms; a new emergency department; 40 operating theatres and 36 beds in a new state-of-the-art Intensive Care and Coronary Care Unit. The upgrade will provide a net increase of 270 beds, with purpose built facilities promoting collaboration between teaching, research and clinical care.

The first three minor phases have recently been completed, including facilities for the Day Medical Unit (Day Oncology, Renal Dialysis and Sleep Studies), the Education Precinct (with Simulation Centre) and the refurbishment of the Bridge Road Operating Theatres. The first major redevelopment located along Erin Street has also commenced construction.

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96,000 m²

Under Staged Construction
Completion in 2020

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