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Epworth Freemasons Expansion, East Melbourne, VIC

Constructed atop the Heritage listed Freemasons Hospital on Clarendon Street in East Melbourne, the multi-staged Theatre Upgrade and Services Infrastructure project is nearing completion. Expanding the current facilities to include 2 new Operating Theatres, new DOSA and Recovery areas, as well as refurbishing 5 of the existing Theatres and nearly doubling the size of the CSSD, the project is one of the most complex staged developments seen on any Epworth campus to date.

New Services Infrastructure and Plant has been designed as multi-storey roof top additions to allow for the future upgrade of the existing facilities with minimised risk of downtime. The first of the Inpatient Unit upgrades, in the Heritage West Wing, will be completed at the end of July 2015 and will mark the start of a roll out of acute services upgrades across the facility.

To retain a sense of history, one of the bedrooms has had its original key elements restored and re-used whilst the refurbishment has upgraded the room into the current day requirement for Inpatient Accommodation.

2,800 m²

Completion Feb 2016

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