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Hospitals and healthcare facilities are “cities” within cities with both a diversity and complexity of services, staff, patients and visitors.

Silver Thomas Hanley approaches each project from a strong design and operational knowledge base, to provide a unique and operationally sustainable solution. We “listen” first and then respond.

Our architecture and design provides a solution that seeks to enhance the experience for all users of our clients’ facilities. Patient, staff and visitors are recognised as both short and long term occupants of the healthcare environment and we act accordingly to their different requirements.

We are constantly responding to new operational models, evidence based design principles and sustainable practices by research and challenge in our design process.

Our planning and design solutions are defined by an internal clarity of function and design, that provides intuitive wayfinding and movement.

We apply our design and planning principles to all fields of health and residential life care through our diverse range of in-house professionals and systems.

Silver Thomas Hanley have developed some of the most effective and complex computerised systems for design, planning and documentation of our various projects. The integration of room data sheets, documentation and facilities management provides a long term, structured documentation system to our clients. From design massing to implementation of asset tracking by our office systems, we are able to provide our clients with packages to maintain their facilities.